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The Pundit's Folly: Chronicles of an Empty Life

The Pundit's Folly: Chronicles of an Empty Life

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Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson

Number Of Pages: 96

Details: Written specifically to help non-Christians, The Pundit's Folly is a tool for evangelism; but its biblical content and explanation of the Christian gospel will provide encouragement to those who are already Christians to witness to Christ and to live unreservedly for him. The world is a sea of glass: a pageant of fond delight, a theatre of vanity, a labyrinth of error, a gulf of grief, a sty of filthiness, a vale of misery, a spectacle of woe, a river of tears, a stage of deceit, a cage full of devils, a den of scorpions, a wilderness of wolves, a cabin of bears, a whirlwind of passions, a fained comedy, a delectable frenzy; where is false delight, assured grief; certain sorrow, uncertain pleasure; lasting woe, fickle wealth; long heaviness, short joy.

EAN: 9780851516769

Release Date: 01-04-1996

Languages: English

Item Condition: New

Binding: Paperback

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