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The Princes in the Tower

The Princes in the Tower

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Author: Weir, Alison

Edition: First Edition

Number Of Pages: 287

Details: "Comprehensive and insightful, THE PRINCES IN THE TOWER offers a unique perspective on a profound mystery." Faye Kellerman Despite five centuries of investigation by historians, the sinister deaths of the boy king Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, remain one of the most fascinating murder mysteries in English history. Did Richard III really kill the young princes, as is commonly believed, or was the murderer someone else entirely? Carefully examining every shred of contemporary evidence as well as the dozens of modern accounts, Weir reconstructs the entire chain of events leading to the double murder to arrive at a conclusion Sherlock Holmes himself could not dispute.

EAN: 9780345383723

Release Date: 03-01-1994

Languages: English

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Binding: Hardcover

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