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Scotch Washi Tape

Scotch Washi Tape

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  • JOURNALING WITH STYLE: Perfect for organizing journals, planners, notebooks and more, with its easy, tear-by-hand usability and plenty of colors and patterns to roll out the fun
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF: Organize, personalize and decorate your home--initially repositionable on most surfaces and so easy to work with, the pressure of expensive, intimidating materials is no more
  • THAT SPECIAL TOUCH: Exactly what you need to have on-hand whether creatively labeling some upcycled jars, or sealing a sweet message to a friend who needs a kind word
  • ENDLESS DIY: Keep it on hand when inspiration strikes, from kids games and activities to a last minute costume or party idea
  • Tips for use: Did you know the oils from your fingers can break down the adhesive on tapes? For the best stick, try to avoid touching the sticky side of the tape as much as possible before placing
  • How to apply: Make sure your surface is clean (free of dirt, dust or other debris) and dry. Peel the desired length and place
  • Initially repositionable on most surfaces, but some may be more delicate than others. It’s always a good idea to test with a small amount in an inconspicuous area for 2 weeks to ensure clean removal
  • How to remove: Lift the end & peel directly backwards (avoid pulling up), moving very slowly. Remember--the longer you leave tape on a surface, the tougher it may be to remove cleanly

Details: From the brand you trust for all things tape, Scotch Brand brings you Scotch Washi Tape in dozens of colors and patterns. The perfect all-purpose product to keep in your creativity toolbox, Scotch Washi Tape is the simple solution for everything from adding a personal touch to a gift to DIYing home decor, and everything in between. There's no end to the creative ways you can use Scotch Washi Tape, so stock up on our ever-evolving library of tapes and let your creativity roll.

Binding: Office Product

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