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Avery Clear Easy Peel Return Address Labels 1/2" x 1-3/4"

Avery Clear Easy Peel Return Address Labels 1/2" x 1-3/4"

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  • Enjoy a printed-on look with frosted clear address labels that virtually vanish on white and light-colored envelopes, textured paper vellum, glassine white plastic and frosted glass
  • Save time with our Easy Peel with Pop-up Edge feature that pops up the edges of the address labels for quick and easy peeling
  • Get a more reliable feed through your inkjet printer with printable label sheets featuring proprietary Sure Feed technology
  • Customize mailing address labels by hand, with your own text and graphics, or use the free templates, designs and easy mail merge feature on the Avery website
  • Add your brand and personal style with blank labels that are great for product labels, plastic jar labels, wedding labels, Christmas address labels and more

Details: Do your envelopes and packages need a shot of sophistication? This pack of 800 Avery Matte Clear Return Address Labels is the clear solution to sprucing up ordinary mailing and packaging. These matte clear labels virtually disappear when applied to white, textured or light-colored paper. Use these clear labels on glassine bags and vellum envelopes to create a perfect, printed-on appearance. These labels also feature exclusive Avery Sure Feed technology to improve print alignment and avoid jamming. The blue, textured strip on the top of each sheet provides better grip for printer rollers and helps feed the sheet through your printer. Ultrahold permanent adhesive ensures that these labels stick and stay without curling, peeling or falling off. Once applied, the permanent adhesive will make sure the label holds fast to multiple surfaces including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, film and painted metals. The patented Easy Peel label design makes these clear mailing labels easy to peel and quick to apply. Just bend the label sheet, peel off your labels and fold the sheet back flat. These easy-to-use Avery mailing labels make it simple to personalize your envelopes and shipping boxes with an elegant flair. Avery Design & Print also makes it effortless to create beautiful, personalized labels from your own home or business. The free browser-based software has everything you need to design address labels, invitations, product packaging and more. Try it out today on the Avery site.

Binding: Office Product

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